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As a caker, you know the frustration of envisioning one thing but creating something less. The fear that the client will be disappointed. The nervousness about what people will think as the cake sits there on display. At Sugar Scoop, we believe that creating cakes should be as fun as eating them. We help cakers like you create the cakes you’ve dreamed of by helping you master the basics, develop new skills and improve your designs. With Sugar Scoop at your side, you can be excited about your cakes and confident that your clients and friends will love them.

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The Art of Crystal Cakes Includes:

    • Step-by-step video lectures on how to create two unique crystal cakes
    • The Floating Crystal Cake
    • The Crystal Crown Cake
    • How to hand model isomalt crystals to achieve any size/shape you want
    • How to paint your crystals
    • Step-by-step video lectures on how to make Shelby's favorite cake and buttercream recipes
    • Mini lectures on how to get the cake orders you want, and Design and Inspiration
    • My pricing formula for high-end cakes and more

The Art of Crystal Cakes Online Class

Learn how to create magical cakes that impress your clients!

Crystal Crown Cake from The Sugar Scoop Online Class

The Art of Crystal Cakes Online Class

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