Edible Lace / Smart Lace

Here at the Sugar Scoop we love using edible lace and our favorite innovative lace product to use is smart lace! It works with any silicone mat.

Sugar and Cake Artist Shelby Bower using smart lace to create a gorgeous dark Gothic inspired cake.

  • Ready-to-use, right out of the container! No extra steps needed, just open and apply Smart Lace to your favorite silicone lace decor mat! And once dry, it easily adheres to fondant.
  • It easily fills even the most intricate silicone lace mat patterns, just use any straight edge to wipe the Smart Lace over your mold, and then return the excess to the container so it is ready for your next project! And Smart Lace works with ANY brand of silicone mat.
  • Fast drying! Set your Smart Lace in the oven in about 10 minutes, or with a dehydrator in about 30 minutes, Of course it can also be set the traditional way, in the open air.
  • Real convenience - make your lace embellishments in advance then store them in an airtight environment and they can be used at a later time, still flexible and pliable like new!

Get creative - put Smart Lace in a piping bag and embellish away! Just make your designs on a silicone sheet, modify them to your heart's content and when dried apply your pliable creations anywhere you fancy.

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