10 More Amazing and Easy Halloween Cakes

Happy Halloween! The past two years I have really enjoyed using my knowledge of cake decorating to create Halloween cake designs that are easy to pull of, but creative. I love creating cakes that are simple, but make a big impact when I bring them to an event. I don't make crazy sculpted cakes for every event, sometimes I want to bring a dessert thats simple, tasty and well designed.
Here are my creations for this Halloween:
#1. The bloody handprint
The idea for this cake is soooo simple. It looks great in person and it's the easiest of all of my Halloween cake ideas. I would definitely recommend using a food disposable glove (they sell cheap packs at walmart) so you don't gross anyone out. The how to video is linked at the bottom of the page after the images.
Bloody handprint cake easy halloween cake
#2. The Three Eyed Monster
This cake is ADORABLE and really easy, especially with the extra large grass piping tip. I use Madame Loulou fondant to create the eyeballs.http://www.madameloulou.it/roll-fondant/
Three eyed monster easy halloween cake
Three eyed monster halloween cake the sugar scoop
#3 Poisinous Potion bottle
Free pdf download here
I LOVE icing transfers. You can make a really neat/clean design pretty easily. I like to use plastic stencil paper for this. I buy the big packs from hobby lobby in the "make your own stencil" section. I outlined this design with chocolate ganache, but I learned that is doesn't freeze as hard as a meringue buttercream does so it sticks to the plastic more. To make this design a little for successful I recommend only using a meringue icing. Then you won't have to fill in the holes where the chocolate sticks, like you see me do in the video. 
Potion bottle cake for Halloween the sugar scoop
#4 The Bugs
When I had this idea, I was trying to think of all the ways to color gummy candy black. You could definitely skip the coloring and use licorice twizzlers, but I haven't seen the pull apart type before. In the video I used activated charcoal. Make sure you get an edible version, there is coconut activated charcoal that is safe to eat. Any of the warnings you see for activated charcoal is for very very high dosages, it's safe to eat in small amounts. I like the charcoal because it drys quickly and it doesn't stain my hands. The black coloring washes of really easily. If you don't want to use charcoal you could use black food coloring mixed with vodka. This method might take longer to dry and will be a little stickier. There is also squid ink powder, which I have not tried yet, but I definitely want to try soon!
Creepy bug cake for halloween easy cake decorating ideas
Creepy easy bug cake for halloween
#5 Witches Brew
This is a simple cauldron cake with a potion thats come alive! I made two batches of brownies for this cake in a 7" pan. The brownies are really easy to carve and hold their shape well. This was a really fun cake to make and is a very easy sculpted cake. Sliced almonds make the perfect teeth.
Witches brew cauldron cake for halloween
Witches Brew Cauldron cake for Halloween
#6 The Mold
I love this cake so much. It's so simple and so perfect. This cake looks like its been sitting on the counter for a few months, but in reality is fresh and yummy. The key to getting the mold look is the blush brush. I have a large supply of makeup brushes that I only use for cake decorating. They are softer and loose their hairs less frequently than craft brushes. Would you eat this moldy cake?
Moldy spooky cake for halloween
Moldy Cake spooky easy cake for halloween
#7. The Moth
Free PDF download HERE
The moth is another frosting transfer, I used only the meringue buttercream for this one and it peeled off the stencil paper soooo easily. I think this design is so sophisticated and looks super cool in person. I would be thrilled is someone brought this to my Halloween Party.
Beautiful Moth black and white cake for halloween party
#8. Tentacle Cake
This cake is a super cute monster too. My original design just had a cake covered in tentacles (which I still think would look cool) but I really wanted to add a face to give it more character. I think he turned out adorable and very tasty. His eyes are white fondant balls and red hot candies. I used Madame Loulou fondant in white and chocolate for the tentacles. 
Tentacle halloween cute monster cake
#9. The Heart
I haaad to include an organ cake this year. Last year it was a brain. I tried to make this cake as easy as I could. I definitely could make a more realistic version if I used fondant and took a few hours to model the arteries and what not. But I wanted this cake to be somewhat simple so I stuck to buttercream. The trick to this cake is to make sure it's very chilled before you add the jam. Otherwise it would be a gooey mess.
Easy sculpted heart cake for halloween
#10. ZOMBIE Cake
I saved my favorite for last! The zombie cake! What makes this cake cool is using the different layers of icing to make it look like the cake has a green skin. The jelly in the straw holes just adds that extra yuck factor (and also yum factor). I love this design and it took me a surprisingly short amount of time to complete.
Easy zombie cake for halloween party
Easy zombie cake for halloween party
Here is the video where I explain how to make each cake. I hope you guys enjoy all the fun cake ideas and have a wonderful Halloween! Happy Cake decorating!